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Sevastopol TV Videos

SHS Veteran's Day Program

Award-winning Lumberjack Supper at Methodist Church

Award-winning Bass Fishing Tournament

Award-winning The Garden Door with Dennis Connolly

Award-winning Jacksonport Polar Bears with Dennis Connolly

Award-winning Sevastopol Dairy Breakfast with Denise Plasmeyer

Older Videos, not available on YouTube

Welcome to Door County Videos! We present a wide variety of watchable art, entertainment and information. About 2 new shows are posted each week and we welcome suggestions for future shows.

Note that these files are large (multi-megabytes). Considerable effort has been made in processing to provide the best quality possible consistent with a small file size (better than YouTube!), but a dialup connection won't be adequate; a high-speed Internet connection should be used (256Kb/sec download recommended minimum).

The commonly used Windows Mediaviewer (free) will allow you to watch a show as it streams to your computer but in some versions you cannot fast-forward or rewind until the entire file has been downloaded. You may pause & resume viewing at anytime without disturbing the download process. Other viewers and other Windows Media versions work differently (Vista works well!).

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Higher quality DVDs may be available for some of these shows. Contact webmaster for availability.

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