UFO's I Have Seen

UFO's are everywhere, if you just know how to look! These pictures of UFO encounters of the first kind were discovered hidden in my personal archives.

Note that the "originals" on the left were not altered or retouched in any manner after being scanned with "normal" scanner settings, except for very minor cropping to remove the white borders of the snapshots. The enlargements on the right have been computer-enhanced for detail. Some image colors have deteriorated over the years; to avoid unnecessary distortions, these were not adjusted.

UFO over Pacific Ocean
A UFO seen over the Pacific Ocean near Cambria, California in 1994. Luckily I had my camera ready, since no one else on the ground saw this strange craft. Taken with a Polaroid SX-69 to avoid the Wal-Mart UFO police (see below.)

Image enlarged, background removed, and edge-enhanced. Note the electrical discharges at the saucer's edge.
UFO over Lake Michigan
Another Polaroid showing 4 UFOs seen over Lake Michigan on a stormy winter day in 1985. This shows how they often fly in formation with bi-axial asymmetry and neutral, non-aligned electrons. Are they are trying to show us their geometric knowledge? If only we could learn from them how to live in peace!
saucer over Lake Michigan
Saucer over Lake Michigan in October 1979 making a rapid turn, possibly because it was spotted by yours truly. They don't like to be caught on film, you know, and will often erase images in the camera before they can be developed at Wal-Mart, or bribe Wal-Mart darkroom personnel to "accidentally" lose the negatives. Luckily I had these developed at K-Mart.
UFO corona discharge
Enlargement/enhancement showing the bright purple corona discharge caused by the high G-forces during the craft's violent turn, estimated at 748 G's. Since no human can survive these extremes, it's obvious they must be from an alien planet.
UFO over North Hollywood, CA
A brilliant mother ship with daughters captured on film at sunset over North Hollywood, California in 1980. This one moved very slowly past my observation point, but they emitted space-beams causing my camera to jam after taking the first picture. Oddly, no one in the sports stadium just below saw the UFO.

Detail of large ship showing 8 smaller "individual-sized" daughter ships. Note silver cigar-shape common only to UFO's and Goodyear blimps.
UFO in June
Oh, what is so rare as a day in June when a UFO flies overhead? This one was captured over Lake Michigan in 1986. Note the reflection on the water below.

Enlargement, showing the bright light generated by these craft. How can anyone question that we are having outer-space visitors? Aren't these pictures sufficient to remove all doubt?

If you are Whitley Streiber, Richard Hoagland, Dr. John Mack or any other serious UFO researcher, please contact me for the originals of these pictures. I could be persuaded to sell them if the price was right, so bring lots of money. On request, I will provide a genuine, notarized certificate of authenticity verifying that I took each and every one, did not deliberately alter the image in any way, and they are not pictures of buttons, hubcaps or child's toys thrown in the air.

Following is an unsolicited response from a viewer. Like the photos, this message is unretouched, unedited and appears exactly as I received it.

You have finally cracked. Hakeems rozor must be stuck upa you assa any one with an ounce of brains can see from those photos that they are not ufo's but nothing more complicated than stratospheric film worms that have existed for thousands of years .They decend at night to sleep in a warmer environment [the stratosphere is very cold ] then acend in the morning .What you have photographed are merely straglers who slept a little late and were useing thier photovoltaic cells to facilitate a more rapid acent.Your vain attempt to sell them as boafied u.f.o. photos is the act of a pure sharlotan ,if any one believes your scam they deserve to be forced to join a star treck group

yours sincerely

Akaboomnoater Minkpock

pod 485967849


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