Technical information for The Last Resort web page:

All web editing was done with IBM-type custom-assembled PCs of various vintages. HTML was hand-coded with Qedit 2.1. Pages are tested with Netscape Navigator Gold 2.0, 4.51 and Microsoft Internet Explorer 5. Screen resolution is super-VGA 800x600.

All pictures taken since May 2001 – which includes all "Picture of the Week" shots – were taken with a Fuji Finepix 2400 digital still camera using 64MB SmartMedia cards for storage. The resolution was typically 1600 x 1200, but downsampled for web use.

Most other pictures were taken with a $30 fixed-focus 35mm cheapie camera. A WalMart-developed print was scanned with a Scanport 24-bit flatbed scanner. Colors were rarely altered but resolution adjustment, cropping, compression, etc. was done with Corel PhotoPaint 7.0, and sometimes Photoshop 5.0.

Some older pictures ("Lightning over lake," for example) were taken with a Ricoh HI-8 video camcorder, direct output from lens or thru tape, and digitized with the Snappy parallel-port gadget to 320 x 200 pixels. Cropping and some color adjustment was done either in the Snappy software or Photoshop 4.0 then saved to JPG. Experiments have shown that the lowest-quality JPG setting in Photoshop is almost indistinguishable from the highest on a web page, and the savings in data size using the lowest is tremendous.

Some shots ("Thresheree" and "Recent Storm Damage" pictures, for example) were taken with a Casio QV11A digital still camera. This camera has both a digital output and and NTSC (standard USA video) which can be fed into the Snappy for capture; both outputs have been used. The best quality this camera can produce has poor color and is similar to a very low JPG setting, so it is just barely good enough for web page applications and often not good enough for me.

The picture listed as "View from Patio" and also used for the tiny "back to The Last Resort Home Page" icon was taken with a $30 fixed-focus 35mm cheapie camera, commercially converted to Kodak Photo-CD, extracted to BMP with Adobe Photoshop, resampled for size and exported to JPG using a very high compression ratio. No color/contrast/sharpness, etc. was changed.

The daily webcam picture, is taken with a Logitech Quickcam Pro still video camera mounted on a tripod near the window and connected to a computer through the parallel port. This camera is so light-sensitive it is incapable of taking pictures in normal daylight, so I have had to mount a 4-stop neutral filter in front of the lens. The Quickcam software is crude to a fault, so each daily image is processed thru Corel Photo-Paint 7.0 to modify the JPEG compression ratio and make the data a more reasonable size.

Additional Credits:

Thanks should go to Ron Bloomquist and Janet Smith for some of the photos in the "Visitors" sections.

Portrait of the author at the ripe old age of 13 months, before he discovered computers:

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No cellular phones, modems or CPUs were harmed in the filming of this web page.