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List, descriptions and maps of all Door County golf courses:

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Steve Kastner's Door County Compass
(formerly Tourpages)

Latest News:

What century is it now? What millennium are we in?

TIME magazine made a colossal mathematical error on its January 1,2000 cover ("Welcome to a New Century") and editorial ("Happy New Century!") on page 6. Here's why:

Or maybe they just delivered my TIME magazine a year too early?

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Stop that thought virus - click to visit


"The only thing infinite is our capacity for self-deception."

Search the Skeptic's Dictionary for:
Cowboy Brooks' Musings

See Door County from space!

Remember to Keep Looking Up!

YOU can help in the Search for Exterrestrial Intelligence!

Original Egg Art by Alan Traynor
Door County Connections Online Door County

Door County Business Directory,
including accomodations and restaurants

Door County's "Most Complete Website Index"

Great Lakes Meteorological Info
and other reporting stations

(Note that the buoys are taken out of service in winter.)

Great Lakes Marine Weather and Forecasts

Water Levels And Related Great Lakes Data from Canada

Earth satellite visibility predictions - what's flying over your head right now? Also see Astronomy Links for views centered on local coordinates.

Washington Island Ferry -- North of the Tension Line!
Seven Washington Iisland Fire Truck Owners

Are your favorite celebs really dead or only pretending?

Amish Pickup Lines

Randy's Web Weirdness List

(Fighting ignorance since 1973) Ask Cecil

American Folklore Theatre, performing in Peninsula State Park
near Fish Creek, Wisconsin.

What in the world is a Cheese Curd?

...and where can I get one?

Renard's Dairy now has a cheese web page!

The latest local news: The Door County Advocate OnLine

Local and other weather links

Where or what is Door County? It's the "thumb" of Wisconsin.

Don and Diana Carter took a trip from Menominee, Michigan through Door County photographing the lighthouses along the route. Visit their trip log and gallery.

And if you haven't yet overdosed on lighthouses, the Door County Maritime Museum has a site with local lighthouse history.

Steve Reinke's page (a neighbor on Bark Road) with Whitefish Bay pix from the air.

Are you psychic? Can you prove it? The James Randi Educational Foundation

Mathematics: It's Everywhere!
Mathematician John Allen Paulos
looks at the news
Coincidences: Remarkable or Random?

How does YOUR god compare? Enter him/her/it in a contest!

Skeptic's Annotated Bible Also see Bible Study Guide

Religious Kook List – The only difference between these nuts and "conventional" religions is a matter of degree

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