Bromley's House Burns

The Bromley house at 4444 Glidden Drive was a total loss after a severe fire Tuesday, 06/01/99. According to a Fire Department spokesman, the fire started from ash refuse placed in the garage. No one was injured and the adjacent houses appear unscathed.

Firefighting was hampered by the lack of fireplugs since there is no municipal water supply in the neighborhood. Sturgeon Bay and Jacksonport firetrucks were forced to suck up and haul water from the nearest boat ramps at Lily and Whitefish Bays several miles away, but one 2000-gallon tank load lasts for only 1 1/2 minutes of dowsing. Ironically, there is an unlimited supply 100 feet from the house's front porch on Lake Michigan.

This event seems like a repeat of the Olson's fire several years ago. By the time the fire trucks filled up again with water in town, the house had burned to the ground. Can't anyone come up with a gadget that allows drawing water directly from the immediately adjacent lake?

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